So What’s A Go-To Girl?

The go-to girl … you know the one … the one you call when you fight with your girlfriend and need a shoulder and comfort. The back-up plan on a Saturday night. The really good friend who gives priviledges and doesn’t expect any. You practice your pickup line and sexual positions with her so you don’t mess it up with the real girlfriend.  She understands when you forget to call and cancel. She understands why you don’t introduce her to any of your friends. She just smiles and winks when you pretend you don’t know her in public. You can say anything to her, ask any thing of her … knowing she’s cool with it … she’s tough and can take it.

You don’t want to know what she really thinks.


2 thoughts on “So What’s A Go-To Girl?”

  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

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